No Place to Learn: Why Universities Aren’t Working

This book is definitely worth putting on the reading list. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is applicable to universities the world over. Who are the universities serving? Who should they be serving?

About the Book

“The Red Cross is studied and criticized. The Royal Family is studied and criticized. Churches and hospitals are studied and criticized. Canadian universities are seldom studied and criticized and are worse off for this neglect. This book seeks to repair this damage by casting a critical eye on how Canadian universities work – or fail to work.

Arguing that too much emphasis is placed on specialized research and too little on teaching, No Place to Learn contends that students seeking higher education in Canada are being short-changed. In clear, non-technical language, the book explains the priorities of Canadian universities and outlines several practical reforms that would greatly improve them. If you’ve never known what deans do, what tenure is, and what professors do when they’re not teaching, No Place to Learn is a must-read: an eye-opening introduction that raises serious questions about the state of higher education in Canada.

Current students, prospective students, and their parents will not want to miss this book, while professors and administrators would be wise to take note of it.”

Google Books Excerpts


~ by notrous on April 9, 2009.

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