Bad Medicine, Health Care in Canada and the United States etc.

Bad Medicine

This is a very interesting post from in regards to Canadian healthcare and the sense of entitlement it engenders. A very interesting argument.

The good doctor wants the US to avoid the Canadian healthcare model like the plague. This was written almost two years ago.

America is entering a period of dramatic restructuring as proposed by President Obama. Health care is one of the most important pillars of of this proposed change.

Here is an analysis published by an independant research institute:

An Analysis of the Obama Health Care Proposal
Meanwhile, in Canada, Keith Martin, a Liberal Member of Parliament is proposing that Canada reform health care more along the lines of several European countries. The first link is to an interview from the Globe and Mail. The second is to an article written by Mr. Martin in the National Post.

‘An egregrious situation’

Europe’s Answer to our Health Care Problem

Good luck Mr. Martin! Health care costs in Canada are spiralling out of control and clearly money is not the answer to the systemic problems it is facing. If ever non-partisan support was needed, this is the time.

Over in China the government announced a major infusion of cash and ambitious targets for coverage.
China Announces Subsidies for Health Care

Interestingly enough, this story didn’t surface in the Globe and Mail in Canada until April 7th, 2009. The NY Times article appeared online on January 21st, 2009. Ouch.

What will be the outcome of this bold undertaking?


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