Susan Boyle-Now THIS is a Role Model

For some reason, the suggestion that Susan Boyle get a makeover bothered me all over again this morning.

There are mentions in various outlets (did Diane Sawyer start this claptrap or did she pile on after the fact?) that Susan needs a makeover. This is nonsense and rubbish.

Moving on . . .

This article from the Mail Online ( is excellent and covers a lot of ground on many issues. She repeatedly demonstrates an incredible level of forbearance, dignity, reserve and class that are exemplary and worth emulating. What is absolutely critical to remember is that she has ALWAYS been this way and that this is not a contrived state of being that she is now pulling over herself like some magical cloak. She is unadorned, unrepentant, resolute and she does not rise to the continual baiting by the media. Wow!

‘They called me Susie Simple’, but singing superstar Susan Boyle is the one laughing now

Why Has Susan’s Situation Electrified the World?

Professor Robert Canfield, Professor of Anthropology, Washington University in St. Louis wrote a very apt description of why the world is so electrified by Susan Boyle’s story:

Susan Boyle and the power of the moral imagination

Most semi-observant individuals have been railing at the lack of substance in society(music, movies etc. etc.), what success means and at who is placed on pedestals as role models(entertainers, athletes, unethical businessmen etc.).

Larry King’s Interview

Larry King’s interview is far from incisive or even worthwhile viewing except that it features Susan Boyle who again, is entirely free of artifice or pretense. It really does seem to me that many of talking heads in the media are fumbling and fawning to line up to offer adulatory praise.

These same people and their organizations are directly responsible for the veil of artificiality that Susan is piercing. Is the bandwagon full yet?

This is not to say that Larry himself is responsible for this, however, he doesn’t add much of value to the situation and in doing so squandered an opportunity to delve deeper into the situation and to derive something of lasting merit from it.

Larry King Live Interview Part 1

Amid the rehash of the situation etc., Susan mentions that she ignored the obvious disdain from the audience and judges because she had a job to do and she wanted to get on with it. Incredible and so very British! Brava!

Larry King Live Interview Part 2

Susan says she shouldn’t change the way she looks because it would change her identity. I absolutely agree. She is unique, fascinating, plucky and resilient. To be honest, it disgusts me that anyone would even infer that she needs to change. By their very implication that Susan should change, it is powerfully obvious that it is THOSE people that need to change, not Susan.

Susan performs part of My Heart Will Go On (from the movie Titanic as made popular by Celine Dion) a capella and wows the viewer with her ability. She is sitting in a chair. There is no music. She just launches into it. The acoustics and sound quality are absurd. And it is still awesome. Wow and brava redux!

Why do we need to be reminded of the obvious so often?

If the following article states what we all know to be true, why does it require repeating so often? Have we had it too good for too long? Is the media responsible or are the consumers of media responsible? Can it be argued that the media is merely serving up what people want and if tastes change then they will follow the money to the new taste?

Update April 22nd, 2009

~ by notrous on April 18, 2009.

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