Goodbye Bland Affluence

I think it is admirable that people want to cut the cord of debt and that they want to leave the rat race. However, I have to disagree that we are at the end of “bland affluence.”

It is called a phase, people. The next wave of affluence might not look exactly like the last one but it will definitely happen again and possibly a lot sooner than many think.

The current downturn should serve as a harsh reality check and I fervently hope that it causes many to reorganize their priorities and to keep them reorganized when things get better.

We will see.

Goodbye Bland Affluence

P.S. NYC couldn’t possibly be missing some of the hustle and bustle because of the grinding recession, could it? Sheesh! And it will stay that way? C’mon!

P.S.S. What a nonsensical prediction regarding legislating lights be left on, please tell me this is tongue-in-cheek.


~ by notrous on April 22, 2009.

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