Freedom of Speech Punished by Perez Hilton–>Spazz

What is particularly interesting about this issue is the fact that one of the judges(Perez Hilton) was obviously biased. An openly gay judge asks a question on same-sex marriage and is offended when someone’s opinion doesn’t jive with his views.

He hijacked a national program to advance his personal agenda and in the process caused distress and discomfort to the pageant and to Miss California. The lady was trying to make her dreams of becoming Miss USA come true and Perez Hilton derailed them.

It is called freedom of speech and it is one of the cornerstones of democracy.You don’t have to like it, you don’t have to agree with it.

It protects Perez Hilton and his inflammatory views and comments equally as much as anyone else. He is absolutely entitled to his opinions and views and would be incensed if someone treated him unfairly because of opinions expressed freely and courageously.

This isn’t about agreeing or disagreeing with same sex marriage. It is about freedom of speech and not being punished for expressing your opinions without inciting hatred.

Carrie Prejean is absolutely gorgeous. It is a beauty pageant. If this was the deciding factor on her being chosen runner-up then she should have won.

Conservative group defends Miss Calif.

AP VideoThursday, April 23, 2009 at 8:58 EDT

The Family Research Council threw its support behind Carrie Prejean after her answer to a question about same-sex marriage drew criticism

The original AP article is here. The video is linked off of the AP page as well.
Hilton, Miss California take sides on `Today’

Larry King interview asks Perez Hilton his intentions regarding the same sex marriage question. Perez Hilton comes off as a real piece of work. Why do people feel the need to project their beliefs on other people? How could this situation even occur?!

This is Miss USA, not a state election. Perez threw a bomb and waited for it to ignite and then used the ensuing controversy to further fan the flames of his notoriety. One can only hope that his 15 minutes are up soon.

Perez Hilton Says, ‘I Do Expect Miss USA To Be Politically Correct.’

There are many interesting comments under the video.

In this interview Carrie is well-spoken and controlled and looks even more so when compared to the childish tantrums offered up by Perez Hilton. She is classy and takes the high road whereas he offers up profanity and the “c” word. She was willing to risk everything to demonstrate integrity. Would Perez Hilton have to look up the definition of integrity in the dictionary?

Methinks that most people calling her a moron wouldn’t have fared any better in front of a multi-million strong audience. Was her answer great? Obviously it could have been improved but it sure as heck isn’t the worst ever, gimme a break.

Interview Miss California. Beauty Queen Carrie Prejean vs. The Blogger Perez Hilton.


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