Why Andorrans live longer than everyone else

Bold text and [] are my emphasis and commentary.

Why Andorrans live longer than everyone else

“It would seem that the secrets to long life in Andorra are not really secrets at all. They are well documented. Good health care, clean water, proper diet[natural food], plenty of exercise and a low-stress, positive life.

However, there’s one other thing to consider when trying to understand the Andorran’s penchant for life and living long: the feeling of community and an unusual closeness to friends and family.”

If this doesn’t read exactly like Nutrition and Physical Degeneration in the modern age then you need to read the excerpts I posted earlier all over again. Weston Price would be greatly saddened and horrified today as he was so long ago .  . .

It is painful to see this occuring in modern times in Europe all over again . . .I am sure it is still happening all over the world as “civilization” and “progress” are embraced.

The article is quick and easy to read but it is worth examining.

This is another swan song to a dying way of life and it will only lead to ill health and broken spirits.

My condolences and sympathy are unnecessary but sincere.


~ by notrous on April 23, 2009.

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