Easy money and the loss of character

Another excellent Neil Reynold’s article from the Globe and Mail.

Neil Reynolds outlines how easy credit and attitudes towards debt, government etc. have changed in the last 200 years or so in North America.

Very interesting and thought-provoking. Self-reliance was clearly the order of the day in the 1800s and small government something to strive for.

Collective responsibility AND self-reliance are clearly important in the modern age and the left wing and right wing need to acknowledge this obvious fact instead of prattling on about pet ideologies.

Common sense is sorely missing in general and especially in much of the navel-gazing and self-congratulating media. Why is everyone stampeding onto the stimulus train without any critical appraisal or examination of how this has worked in the past?

What do we do as individuals when times are tight financially? We tighten our belt, pay down debt and avoid overextending ourselves. Why don’t politicians spend our money like it is theirs? Why is more money always trotted out as the answer for every pressing issue of the day? etc. etc.

I am very concerned that critical thinking is largely absent(has it always been thus?) in the populace and that groupthink dominates the public discourse.


~ by notrous on April 29, 2009.

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