Sir Ken Robinson Invades Canada-Education Reform

Sir Ken Robinson expands on his TED talk on schools killing creativity. Schools are not in the business of discovering or encouraging passion. This guy is one hell of a speaker.

We have to ask ourselves;why not? What can we do to make it such a place? This is a big, difficult issue and I really think we need to start to think about it . . .what is truly scary in my opinion is that many people may not have any passions because they have been weeded out of them by upbringing etc.

Must viewing in my opinion, I hope you enjoy it!

Exclusive video: Sir Ken Robinson in Canada

World-renowned education reform pioneer is famous for saying schools are killing creativity

Education expert Sir Ken Robinson, a passionate advocate of reforming global education systems, spoke at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto on April 26 at a fundraiser for The Coalition for Music Education in Canada. Sir Ken’s speech on discovering and nurturing children’s talents paralleled the Coalition’s aim of increasing access to music in Canadian classrooms.

Watch Part 1: Nurturing passion and talent

Watch Part 2: How our “fast-food” education system is failing children

Read GlobeCampus’s in-depth interview with Sir Ken Robinson

Visit Sir Ken Robinson’s website


~ by notrous on April 29, 2009.

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