Great sites/people

Dr. Michael Eades, former MD
Former MD, authour of Protein Po, entrepreneur; focuses on lower carb eating etc., very busy so Twitter feed updated much more than main blog!/DrEades

Mark Sisson
Former triathlete, focuses on eating naturally and well, lower carb and exercising well, including spontaneous and fun ways!/Mark_Sisson

Dr. Peter Attia[former MD, war on insulin blog is a significant side project for him] [forthcoming non-profit research institute focusing on proper, unbiased nutrition research, Peter Attia and Gary Taubes driving force]

Dr. William Davis, MD
-practicing preventative cardiologist, authour
-I am not sure I agree that wheat is the #1 dietary problem but I agree it is a very significant problem
– added sugar and especially HFCS are probably worse
-processed, high calorie, nutritionally bankrupt diets involve substitution of real food with processed carbs, sugars etc.

Gary Taubes[a prominent science(lately nutrition) writer]

Robb Wolf [Paleo Diet]

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD
-looks promising, no firm verdict yet!/markhymanmd

Dr. Mercola, MD, Osteopathic doctor
-Dr. Mercola can be over the top and out-there sometimes but still has a lot of interesting and valuable information to offer
-his site has a lot of content, organized by topic on the main page

Stress is a major problem in most Western countries, particularly because we are living so unnaturally and at a hectic pace

[Nutrional typing, does it make sense? Worth looking into?]

Tim Ferriss

Arthur Devany
The one, the only, a real O.G. in so many ways [one of the originals, unfortunately a pay site for years now]

Art of Manliness
Too many men seem to have forgotten what it means to be a real man, which means a gentleman, a scholar and so much more.

Nassim Taleb[Black Swan theory]
Unfortunately no proper website but he has written numerous articles and is well worth reading and heeding

TED: Ideas worth spreading
Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world

Pop! Tech
Very  much like TED but with a focus on innovating people, projects and ideas at the edge of change.

Khan Academy
-math, science, humanities etc, videos,  test prep. section and a great math practice section


A veteran intelligence analyst rounds up the events of the world that matter daily, very readable, very blunt and direct, fantastic

Despite being hacked they are still worth reading, particularly the longer pieces by George Friedman, two free reports a week

Federation of American Scientists[FAS]

Logic development
Magazines worth reading


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