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“Keeping you connected to the best ideas in the world of new non-fiction”

From the About section:

This site consists of a bi-weekly blog and podcast designed to keep you up to date on the best ideas in the world of new non-fiction books:

Every second week I choose what I consider to be the most interesting and/or important popular non-fiction book to be released during that 2 week period. I then read and study the book, and write an article wherein I summarize the main argument of the book, and offer up some of the juicier details and anecdotes to be found therein.

When it comes to the books that I choose, I tend to lean towards science-based books that feature some attempt to make sense out of ourselves and the world around us (books that live at the intersection of science and the humanities). The books that I choose are mostly top sellers, though I am willing to go for a more unsung title, if I feel that this is truly warranted. Topics that I am will to cover include the following: human nature, happiness, morality, free-will, politico-economics, history, education, cultural commentary, the nature of reality and the universe etc.

Each article is meant to capture a distillation of the book’s  main argument (to deliver the book in-a-nutshell, as it were). While I cannot hope to match the breadth of explanation and the depth of details found in the book itself, I do aim to gain in simplicity and concision (indeed most articles are roughly 10 to 15 pages in length, and represent approximately 2% to 5% of the total length of the book). My chief purpose is to provide the reader with a very good understanding of the thesis of the book, as well as the most important and interesting details in support of this thesis.”

It looks like it is well worth catching up and then keeping caught up with New Books in Brief! 😛

Wow, that is all I can say!!


~ by notrous on April 30, 2012.

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